Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about power washing your building and staining your deck or fence

  • I’ve had my home washed before.  How long before I need to have it done again?

It depends on many variables.  With our technique of washing and scrubbing, you may not need to redo it as frequenlty because it is cleaned not just rinsed.  The best judge, however, will be you.  If you think it looks dirty, it’s time to clean it.

  • What about my gutters?  Can we get them back to their original look?

We can’t always guarantee how much we can get cleaned on the gutters, but when we give you our estimate, we can give you a good idea of what percentage we can make look like new.  

  • I’m worried about my plants in my gardens.  Will the washing hurt them?

We protect your landscaping while we work.  Our products are environmentally safe and won’t harm your plants or animals.

  • I just had a new deck built and want to stain it.  How soon can it be done?

Pressure treated lumber needs some time before it can be stained.  Don’t rush to stain it too soon because it will seal in the moisture and cause the stain to lift and peel.